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  • rachelsblogthing asked : I have an artist question for you; how are you able to draw out so many ask responses in one day? Do you draw in bulk and send out a bunch in one day, or do you just draw really really fast? Because I want to start doing that too, and obviously first I need to have the recognition, but it takes me about 4-6 hours to draw even a simple character, and I don't have a ton of time to draw too many then. I just want to know your secret!! D:


    Great question! This is going to be a lengthy post but I hope you, and anyone else who wants to start an ask blog, take the time to read this and get something out of it.

    When it comes to working on Darkiplier Answers, I tend to draw out one ask, post that answer, and then go straight to drawing out the next question. You can draw a lot at one time if that’s what you’re comfortable with. There’s no real rule about that, I just prefer doing one at a time. The way I do it, I post the response and then people kind of “tune in” to when I’m doing my asks. I like giving some time in-between posts so I’m not spamming everyone’s dash all at once.

    As for how fast I’m able to draw them, that’s just practice. When I first started out, I was terribly slow since I wasn’t used to drawing with my tablet on a blank canvas. Before, I would have a sketch that I did on paper that I would scan into Photoshop to work off of. Working on these asks have actually got me to be more comfortable with my tablet and they’re great drawing practice too! I stated this when I started and I’ll say it again: Darkiplier Answers is meant to be messy doodles that I do for fun and practice. They still are but now that I’ve gotten accustomed to drawing on my tablet for so long, I can draw faster and add more details. There is honestly no secret to my speed other than practice. The more you draw, the faster you’ll get too. :)

    Keeping in mind that these aren’t meant to be beautiful drawings helps me finish them quickly. I don’t end up stressing too much about every little detail. Since they are fairly sketchy, I can draw more and also post more often. If you want to take your time and create a cleaner image, then by all means go for it. It’s your ask blog after-all. Just remember to have fun with it!!! If the asks start to feel cumbersome, then it’s a good time to take a break and pick them up later.

    This next paragraph isn’t related to your questions but it’s something that I wanted to mention. Don’t let people harass you into answering their question. I’m fully aware that my Dark is a popular little turd and people want me to answer asks every day but, sometimes I’m just not up to it. I have to think of what he’s going to say, how to pose him and work out how many drawings I’ll need to answer just one question. It can be a lot of work and If people get demanding, I say either delete their comment or just ignore it. Don’t feel like you’re obligated to do something if you’re not into it that day.

    I hope this was at least somewhat helpful. I’ll post this in tag since not everyone who wants to start an ask blog follows me. If you or anyone else has any questions, just let me know and I’ll try to help you to the best of my ability. :P

    Wonderfully helpful, thanks Haley! :)

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  • Anonymous asked : I'm sorry to bother you but the link for the reference isn't there (or at least it wouldn't work when I tried). Sorry again for bothering you

    oh, okay, thank you so much for telling me; I fixed it now :D

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  • missraven-c asked : I don't know there man, that new shirt of your's looks a bit /tight/ might want to cut back on the sweets~ C:<


    Į̱t̺̙͈̹̫͍͙ ̸̦͕̩̱į͙s̪̬̣̪ ̯̰̤no̤̪̤͚͔̙̮t͝!͉ ̺

    It’s okay Dark, you’re still wonderfully thin in my eyes (nothing compared to Chubbs over here)

    (he gets made fun of a lot)

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  • When people say my OTP isn’t real.



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